Monday, July 25, 2005


Vile Voyeur's Variously Victimise Villagers

Melbournian’s went about their daily business today with a horrible spine tingling sensation that they were being watched. And no wonder, because as Australia most popular newspaper points out, You are being watched.

It’s a voyeur’s paradise in Melbourne town, and according to The Herald Sun, you are being photographed more than 100 times per day, and that’s only if you’re average looking. What about if you’re a pretty young thing? Just imagine how much more scrutiny your going to get from lecherous security personnel who spend their entire days sizing up people, comparing them, and looking hour after hour for something suspicious. If you think their minds are not turning to sex then you don’t know Melbournians.

The Herald Sun knows Melbournians though, and more particularly The Herald Sun knows our Police and Security personnel and the lewd thoughts that go around in their heads.
Secret use by police, more worryingly by private security companies, for storing images on databases or for undisclosed purposes is a concern.

A concern is putting it mildly my friends. It’s disgusting! The Herald Sun rightly identifies that there needs to be some control. You can’t just have indiscriminate photographing of gorgeous young women without some control.
Evidence suggests there is insufficient watching of the watchers to ensure privacy isn't breached.

We agree with The Herald Sun on the importance of privacy, and naturally we can be confident that when The Herald Sun hired a helicopter, and photographed the private wedding ceremony of Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright with telephoto lenses , they’d cleared this action first with the privacy ombudsman. Or at a pinch, at least the first available sub-editor.

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