Tuesday, March 15, 2005


C'mon Sydney. Get with the Program..

Once again Sydney falls behind when it comes to entertainment. Aside from the lucky fluke that was the Olympics, what has Sydney done of late?. Nuthin!. While we in Melbourne and indeed the other State capitals have been parking our arses off with great television events such as the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open, and the Grand Prix, and are lining up for the next big one the Commonwealth Games- coming to a wide-screen plasma near you in less that one year. Sydneysiders it seems are not pulling their weight in the couch potato stakes.

Nope, it seem that Brian and the dedicated gangs at Nine, Seven and Ten, who work hard to put on the 6pm Giggle Hour, so that you can relax with your feet up while the wife bungs the McCains in the microwave, are going unappreciated in the Harbour City.

Crikey reports that only 8% of Sydneysiders are supporting the 6pm news, while the national champions over in Perth are putting in a top-notch 13%.

What is more amazing. The nation’s advertisers are lavishing a staggering $980 Million per year on Sydneysiders and only $785 Million on Melbourne, but Sydneysiders just aren’t responding in kind.

Now c’mon Sydney. Don’t give us that flimsy worn out old excuse that the weather’s nice and you want to go surfing, ‘cause we won’t buy that one anymore. Perth’s got better surf and better weather, and they’re punching well above their weight.

It’s the economy stupid! Its all about the economy. If you’re not at home fitting the new rear projection plasma, if you’re not titivating’ the home with spas and sound systems and battery powered swimming gold fish bowls, if you’re not appreciating the money that’s being spent on you in advertising, then you will be held responsible when the economy tanks. We won’t be blaming John Howard. We’ll comin’ after you!

Get with the Program Sydney!

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