Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Sky bluer under Libs: Howard

John Howard yesterday announced that the sky would always be bluer under a Liberal Government than a Labor Government.

It was another audacious move by the PM who's political savvy, and his ability to read the Australian electorate is legend.

When quizzed whether his assertion was a metaphorical one, or did he truly believe that the colour of the sky would be bluer, the PM chose his words carefully. "We of course can't influence the color of the sky on a day to day basis, and it is important to remember that we are going into winter, and so there will be quite naturally a general greyish hue that will last for some time, but on average we can safely assert that things will be bleaker under Labor"

The announcement today by Howard caught Labor leader Kim Beazley by surprise. Beasley who was busy working up a calculated response to the likelyhood of interest rate increases, and the PM's pre-election claim that interest rates would always be higher under Labor, has been forced to rethink his strategy.

"We know Australian's love their blue sky", said the Labor leader, "and we respect that, but sometimes its important for the weather to be overcast, and rain, to get the plants growing"

A telephone poll in today's Herald Sun newspaper seems to back the PMs stance, with 85% of respondants agreeing that the Liberal government can deliver bluer sky.

Pro greenhouse-gas columnist TerryMcCrann was extatic. "It just goes to vindicate our position. The Australian people demand longer summers and with this Liberal government, they'll get them"

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