Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Editorial: Skills Shortage? Babe Shortage?

The Skills Shortage: You've heard it a lot in the last few days. It's become the latest fashionable political idea. Everyone's going on about it. The Beazer's blaming Howard for it, for not doing anything about it for the last nine years, and he's right. The government's done nuthin! But let's face it it's not exactly been top of the ALPs agenda either. Truth is, the ALP found out about it just last week, at the same time as the government, and now its all the rage.

Now of course business wants to import guest workers, and neither the government nor the opposition quite know what to do with that suggestion, since for the govermemnt, its tantamount to opening the doors to refugees, and for the opposition its tantamount to kicking the Unions in the head. Looks like a no-win situation to us.

Now just to show that we in the City can never accused of being laggards in the innovative public policy space, we've picked up on an appalling trend and we're calling for action.

It seems that Aussie Women are Fat, Frumpy and Frigid!

Yes fellas the Aussie chick is letting herself go to seed, and is letting you down! No bloody wonder we've got a declining birth rate. The Aussie chick is just not up to scratch!

Whatever happened to the Shelia we are compelled to ask? She was smart, sassy and accommodating. She knew how to treat her bloke. These days though it seems they're more interested in being on reality TV (or sitting in front of it) , than cookin' hubby dinner after a hard day at work.

It's time fellas to start lobbying government. Lean on your local member. It's time to fix the 'babe drain'. It's shape up girls, or we ship a new bunch in. It's time to take competition policy seriously!

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Rexy ,you old dog, I know the sought of skills you are thinking about. Those poor employers are getting that many knockbacks!

All the minister has to do is check out the same surveys from other countries ,do some field work and those Scandinavian babes will be all over the place.

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