Friday, July 22, 2005


Hewitt treats fans like dirt.

Australia’s most popular newspaper, The Herald Sun, today reports that tennis ace Lleyton Hewitt, and up-the-duff fiancée Bec Cartright, have treated their fans like scum for not inviting them to their wedding.

“Lleyton and Bec snub their fans” says the Herald Sun, “Security guards kept hundreds of fans at bay” says the Herald Sun again.

The Herald Sun, who was only able to obtain grainy images of the secure wedding, by hiring a helicopter and flying overhead, was outraged on behalf of Mr. Hewitt’s fans.

The Herald Sun, reports also that Ms Cartright looked “stunning in a white flowing gown”, and the bridesmaids “wore off-the-shoulder sunset rose, yellow and white floor-length dresses”. So that’s nice.

And that just shows the difference in attitude. Despite Mr. Hewitt’s disdainful, and unforgivable treatment of his fans, the Herald Sun proves that it truly is able to rise above the pettiness shown by Mr. Hewitt and his entourage, and a $1.5 Million dollar helicopter is the key to that generosity of spirit.

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