Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Choose your war!

Its not the War on Terror anymore folks. If you think that then you're sadly behind the times. The War has been extended into new realms, and segmented into 5 individual but simultaneous wars, and you can now choose any or all of them to fight. It's about liberty and freedom of choice you see!

Direct from Capital Hill we present you the list of wars currently waging against America and or the Church.

1. War with Islamic Terrorists at home & abroad!
2. War with European Secularism!
3. War with Red China! (We don't realize it yet!)
4. War with the Pagan Left in our Churches & Culture!
5. War with Those who Despise Christ & Our Judeo Christian Heritage!

Feel free to slip into one and try it on for size.
Show it of to your friends. Notice their admiring glances.

Via J-Walk

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G'day Rexie

'We don't realize it yet!'

That could be America's motto right now.
I'd like to see another six wars added. That'd make an excellent soccer team to contest the World Cup.
Imagine the red cards!
c'est malheureuse.
Wir wissen!
Hit them with knee strikes so that they cannot pray when we convert them to our God!
And these guys reckon the moslems are bad?

Not sure whos' worse anymore.
If I pick the right one Rex, do I get to pick of the board (of an oil company)?

How about the buying of a vow?
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