Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Decline and Fall

Sometimes you get a sense of the inexorable march of history. No more so when you are witness to the inevitable decline of once great empires.

And so it is, with the once mighty empire of Australia’s richest polo player, Kerry Packer.

Perhaps it’s just that bad news, like waves, comes in sets, but we sense there’s more to it than that. We’ve picked up the whiff, the stink of decline.

First there was the awful news that Australia’s iconic title The Bulletin was losing readers like Warwick Fairfax loses money.

Then there was the heartbreaking story of Australia’s premier network, Channel Nine, that was no longer Still the One.

Next the shock and awe as supposed partners Ten, do a deal with mortal enemy Seven to steal the AFL rights away from rightful owner’s Nine and Eddie McGuire. A knife in the back. La Cosa-Nostra style.

Mr. McGuire - Shivved. Posted by Hello

Today, the sad news that Mr. Packer’s one remaining joy. His gambling habit. Is to undergo the shame of scrutiny and exposure, by BIG GOVERNMENT.

We couldn’t help feeling sad about all of this, and so we’ve put our heads together and come up with a plan to save Mr. Packer’s empire.

The City is offering to enter into a 50/50 partnership with Channel Nine to win the auction for footy rights against Seven and Ten. Here’s the plan.

The Problem: Nine, because of its rugby league commitments, is unable to broadcast AFL into the Sydney market. There is a clash. This is not acceptable to the AFL.

The Solution: The City has the technology and the ability to offer REAL TIME TEXTCASTS TM to Sydney AFL fans, thus offering them the excitement of LIVE FOOTBALL. – Problem solved!

Now we don’t unfortunatley, see a role for Mr. McGuire in all of this, but hey, that’s business.

Now you may wonder why we are being so sympathetic to Mr. Packer’s current woes given what we’ve said in the past about Channel Nine, and it is a good question.

Our response is this: If you aren’t prepared to compromise your principles for a whole lotta loot, then when are you going to compromise them?

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