Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Shock: Herald Sun in Privacy Scandal

Melbournians were shocked to learn today that their favourite newspaper The Herald Sun, the very same newspaper that stands up and fights on behalf of all Melbournians for the sake of protection of privacy, are themselves being sued for breach of privacy.

The Herald Sun it turns out has published photographs of Mrs Maria Korp, taken when she was lying in hospital in a persistent vegetative state, without obtaining her permission or the permission of her daughter.

We are gobsmacked to learn of the Herald Sun’s hypocrisy. Surely it must be an administrative error.

Mr Jim Robinson, the lawyer for Ms Korp and her daugher Ms De Gois has expressed concern about the distress felt by Ms De Gois regarding the possibility of her mothers feeding tube being removed, and that:
He asked for the media to keep its distance from Ms De Gois

What distance though? 1 metre, 5 metres. Provided the Herald Sun stays at about medium telephoto lens range, that ought to be respectful enough, don't you think?

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