Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Second Wind.

Good news for those of us who applaud those admirable Aussies that are prepared to take on the might of the coal industry and lack of imagination of the Howard government, and at the same time provide an alterative to just throwing up our hands and going nuclear.

Pacific Hydro, Australia's largest renewable energy company with substantial wind farm investments here and hyro plants in South America, was going to be taken over by the Spanish.

However a white knight in the form of Garry Weaven, head of superannuation fund 'Industry Funds Management' is investing a bit of Australian's retirement saving into keeping hold of the farm. Weaven has launched a bid to trump the Spanish, and keep Pac Hydro in Aussie hands, despite the stupid indifference of the Howard government.

Good on you Garry. You get today's Rex in the City award for bravery and valour at the coalface.

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