Thursday, March 31, 2005


Greenhouse: States fight back!

In a masterful display of ALP state government co-ordination, Victoria, NSW and Queensland have thumbed their noses at the Howard government's irresponsible position on Greenhouse gas emmissions and are setting up their own combined Carbon Trading Marketplace - A move that the Federal Government rejected in it bid to please Big Coal.

It is a nicely timed counterpunch to the recent Costello tax threats, and nicely undercuts the lobbying by big coal that resulted in the Federal Government bailing out of the Greenhouse bandwagon in the first place. Pity it didn't happen sooner, and potentially save a well managed Australian renewable energy company from being flogged off for peanuts to the Spanish. A company, that if it'd been given a bit of Federal Government encouragement could be earning big export bikkies for Australia, but now we'll be paying the Spaniards for the use of their fine technology.

And Howard wants to abolish the States. Now you know why. They make him look like a dill.

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