Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Mediawatch resumes its rightful place amongst the Gods

Deathly silence this morning from Typo Tim, and Andrew Landeryou and no doubt all the rest of the cookie cutter conservatives giving gratuitous advice to the ABC and more particularly Media Watch about their interpretation of bias.

Media Watch you see has, get this, apologised on air because they made an error. An error gleefully pointed out by these two gentlemen, neither of whom have been known to apologise whenever they have made an error.

Additionally Media Watch have taken the cudgels to one of their own. Something that Typo Tim in his usual sneering way had challenged the Media Watch team to do, and which Mr. Blair himself has never demonstrated any willingness to undertake.

The Conservative line is starting to look faded and worn, and totally unconvincing now that it persists in living in denial of the many mistakes and errors it has committed.

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