Wednesday, August 10, 2005


and its goodbye from him.

So. It’s come to this then. The City is being retired. It had to really. It had done its job, and now its time to take it off line, strip it of all the salvageable parts and put it out of its misery.

I tell you. It was fun while it lasted. The City started by accident, but its going to finish on purpose. It became something to while away a bit of time, as I was forced to disengage from normal activity for a while. Things (I pray) are back on track now, and there is simply less time available to let my imagination run wild.

I had a few laughs along the way and I got to poke fund at conservative dogma, and especially the simplistic language that they employ.

I learned a few things out of this. I learned that The Herald Sun really is a manipulative piece of shite. I learned that the Australian is not all that bad, and I leaned that The Age is nowhere near as biased as the cookie cutter conservatives are trying to make out. Most of all I learned that the ABC really is the best cultural institution in this country, and heaven help any pricks that go after my ABC, ‘cause there’ll be hell to pay.

I also learned that it is piss easy to write tabloid newspaper copy. That stuff is so easy to churn out, and manipulate any way you like. If you’re looking for totally slack work, I can’t think of an easier job.

I learned also that the second slackest job is to be a conservative columnist. All you have to do is learn the language of conservatives, and start bashing away at an invented array of symbols that supposedly denote ‘the left’, whatever that is, and you’ve got yourself a job. I mean symbols like Che Guevara T-Shirts, or the Bill of Rights, or a term like ‘Academics’, or ‘the elite’ or ‘the greenies’ or ‘do-gooders’ or ‘Fairfax’ or ‘The ABC’. The trick (mostly) with being a conservative columnist is to pick a symbol that is a bit vague and ill-defined, and where there’s no one person or thing who really represents it, and then ridicule it while making yourself look good. Its fiction really.

Anyway. I’ve said my piece. I thank you for dropping by. I’ve enjoyed your company. You’ve been a great audience. You may see me around. You may not.

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