Thursday, July 14, 2005


Mr. Packer's got a bone to pick.

I knew Mr Kerry Packer was a rotten hypocrite. That’s what loads ‘a loot allows you to do. I knew he was a rotten hypocrite way back when I used to watch Channel Nine. It was an infamous episode when Doug Mulray’s show, Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos was kicked off the air, by Mr. Packer because he couldn’t stand the sight of some other bloke’s bum going up and down. Presumably the bum was firmer, younger and more athletic than the Fat Man’s flabby arse, and so in a fit of moral equivalence he called up and said to “get that shit off the air”.

But Fat Kerry used to publish Australian Penthouse, and maybe still does, and so he wasn’t adverse to a bit of smut when it suited him. As long as it’s Kerry having the fun its alright, but when anyone else is getting their jollies, then The Right Reverend Kerry Packer steps up to the pulpit and starts preaching.

Of course as you know Reverend Packer has booted Shane Warne off the Channel Nine payroll because of his philanderings, but what I didn’t know is that Mr. Packer allegedly has indulged in philanderings himself.

This on top of employing former Hawke Government Minster, Graham Richardson who is alleged to have also availed himself of the services of professional stress relief.

It certainly has the horrible stench of hypocrisy. Either that, or as Mr. Packer nears the end of his usable shelf-life, and realises that he doesn’t have the “grunt” of old, and can’t have any more fun, he has decided that nobody else should have anymore fun either. Stand by for Channel Nine to become prude central.

And they say the terrorists won’t win. They won’t kill off our freedoms. I say fight terrorism - Watch Big Brother - support Channel Ten.

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