Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Hanging Judge - Well hung?

It’ll be interesting to see if the Hanging Judge of City Road, Mr. Andrew Bolt continues to call for the sacking, and removal of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, now that the very same Sheik Hilali, has himself called for the introduction of laws that allow the deportation of radical Mullahs.

Whatever will Mr. Bolt say? Will he argue that Sheik Hilali is being disingenuous. That he doesn’t believe what he’s saying now, and that his earlier statements are the true Hilali? Or will he apologise, and say that the Sheik once again seems to be doing the right thing. Firstly the selfless attempts to rescue Douglass Wood, and now these statements that the Australian describes as “some of the strongest public comments yet by a senior Islamic figure in Australia”.

My guess? Mr. Bolt will say nothing! That’s the trick when you’re a mouth on a stick. Simply spit it out then move on. The paper will be discarded in a day, and the article will disappear into the News Ltd archives in a month or two. It’s the same trick used by Tim Blair. Blog on regardless and let the post slide down until it drops off the page. The faster you blog, the less responsible you need to be for what you’ve said in the past.

It’s a beautiful system.

Update: Well I was wrong. Mr. Bolt did mention it. You can find his response located in the Bolt Forum.

Sheik Hilaly is not credible on this issue. He can called for jihad and praised
suicide bombers, jihadists, a terrorist organisation and more. Sure, he is in a
battle with Omran and wants us to side with him against his rival, but that does
not make Hilaly a remotely moderate man, in my view. He should instead be one of those whom he suggests we send packing.

Well there you have it. Be careful what you say in public, because you can never change your mind.

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