Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Government suckered in by greenies : Bolt

In a shock admission today extreme right wing columnist Andrew Bolt suspects that the government has caved-in to greenie scare mongering.

This incredible development comes about because of a probing question put by The City to Mr Bolt on his personal feedback forum.

The City wanted to establish Mr. Bolt’s view on the recent announcement by the Government that "Climate Change is Inevitable" and that, "There is little doubt Australia will face some degree of climate change over the next 30 to 50 years”

Mr. Bolt you see wrote this on the 18th February:

Want to make a greenie boil? Just question their claims of global warming. It's not hard when so much of the evidence is paper thin.

and this on 25th March

Would you like to see how shaky is the science behind this global warming mania?

Looks like the evidence was thick enough and solid enough for the Government to believe it, but Professor Bolt needs more convincing, he suspects that the Government has fallen for global warming scaremongering.

He does create a little wriggle room for himself though. He says we have to be clear about how he defines the scare “It's the man-made global warming scare”.

So maybe he’s starting to accept that there is global warming. He just refuses to accept that it has anything to do with us.

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