Thursday, July 21, 2005


Elephants on their way.

Melbourne woke up this morning with the heart-warming news that three Asian Elephants will be winging their way to the world’s most liveable city just as soon as Qantas can find a flight with enough empty seats in cattle class.

Environment Minister Ian Campbell put a smile on the dial of Melbourne’s schoolkids with the news that the elephants have been granted permission to leave Communist Thailand and will soon be enjoying the benefits of freedom and democracy, and savouring the delights of multicultural Melbourne.

The parents of those very same schoolkids, can sleep soundly too. For Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone personally authorised the issuing of the visas to the three female elephants. “I can assure you that these animals have done the right thing. There’s been no queue jumping, they’re very well behaved”, said Mrs Vanstone.

Sporty anxiously awaits her visa Posted by Picasa

This good news comes in spite of the protestations of some people of THE LEFT, who believe that these animals are not entitled to come to this land and share in our bountiful harvest.

Fortunately in this case freedom and democracy has won out, and we shall soon get to hear the happy trumpeting of Scary, Posh and Sporty, the names by which they will soon be known once the Herald Sun has announced the results of their “name the elephants” competition.

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