Friday, July 22, 2005


Bracks baulks at boobies

Melbournians today were again shocked at the Brack’s government hypocrisy as reported in Australian favorite newspaper, The Herald Sun.

Mr. Bracks you’ll recall promised to be motherhood friendly and encourage women MPs and society in general to be supportive of breastfeeding.

But in an unprovoked attack on motherhood, Mr. Bracks has ensured that the sign on the door of the Parliament’s breastfeeding room shows the image of a bottle with teat, and not a pair of titties like you would expect.

What’s wrong with Mr. Bracks? Can’t stand the sight of milk engorged kazungas? Offended by free floating funbags? Crassed out by nourishing norks?

Why not Mr. Brack’s look to the classics for your solution. No one is offended by nudity when its art. A $35 Million dollar investment Mr. Bracks and the problem will be solved. Just nail it up on the door.

Manet solves Brack's dillema Posted by Picasa

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