Monday, June 13, 2005


Will Abbouche Vamoos?

The City once again doffs its hat to the fine journalistic standards being practiced by our cross town rival The OC. The quality of dirt and gold plated gossip receiving an airing over at Southbank Central is thrilling the good burghers of Melbourne, as it is thrilling we here at The City.

Led by the irrepressible Andrew Landeryou, The OC today gives us, not just ‘the good oil’, but the rancid fat from the back of the deep fryer in the ALP kitchen.

Mo Abbouche is a central player in today’s saga as reported in an article in today’s Age by their best political reporter, as acknowledged by Mr. Landeryou. It reveals the branch stacking charges being made against Mr. Abbouche, and highlights that Mr. Abbouche virtually admitted to branch stacking:

On February 27 The Sunday Age reported that Cr Abbouche "said he would support a preselection challenge to Ms Vamvakinou and that he had been recruiting members to the Labor Party 'and those members are most likely to vote against her at the next preselection

What a character this Mr. Abbouche is. He pops up in several places. He is mentioned in a Crikey article, penned by an anonymous ALP “insider”, who paints him as a dill, a dim-witted factional stooge.

He also crops up in the May 2003 Victorian Hansard (warning large PDF), where Liberal MP Smith describes an ALP state conference at the time.
Then came the announcement of some rule changes, and the crowd tried to lock the doors to keep out some of the participants. Mo ‘The Rat’ Abbouche just could not decide what corner he was in. Was he in the tomato red corner with the overweight, beer-swilling wharfies and building workers led by federal Senator Kim Carr, or was he in the pink corner led by the latte-drinking Bill Shorten, who was supported by the Williamstown wankers? Referee Jim Claven had no control over the fight — but then again most puppets do not.
Seems that Mr. Abbouche is a little confused again poor feller.

It’s comforting to know that people like Mr. Abbouche, slow, dim-witted, perhaps even handicapped, have potential within the ALP. It shows that it’s a caring organisation, prepared to look after even the dumbest clods, give them a good job as mayor, help them make their way in this harsh world. We tip our hat not only to The OC, but to Messers Shorten and Conroy as well, for their compassion and sense of responsibility, and for looking after the more unfortunate in our community.

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