Monday, June 20, 2005


Labor First Fires Up

It looks like the quiet rumours in the background are true. The Australian (sorry no online link) today has an article on page two about the group called Labor First. Evan Thornley it seems has a role in its creation, and Race Matthews is interviewed about the intent of the group.

In short they're about regenerating this tired old political work horse, and taking the Party away from its factional madness. (Sorry going by memory here, I read the article in a coffee shop during recess, and you know how lattes can fuddle the brain)

Anyway, they've got themsleves a website, or at least a teaser. Three cheers for these people, and best 'o' luck. Anyone who's prepared to get off their bums and give the creaking ALP machinery a swift kick in the tush gets my support.

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