Monday, June 20, 2005


Hot at the top

In perhaps its most important piece of journalism this year, Australia’s most popular newspaper The Herald Sun, has been attempting to find out how attractive Victorian Premier Bracks, and Deputy Premier Thwaites are to women.

Now even we, red-hot, ridgy-didge, straight as an arrow Melbourne blokes, know that these two fellows are hot. Damn hot. But we had no idea that they were that hot!

The Herald Sun, does though, and so do countless happily hormone high American women who saw the handsome visages of Australia’s spunkiest (or hunkiest if that word means different things to you) politicians on the website Am-I-Hot-Or-Not

The Herald Sun has revealed that “The Batman and Robin of State politics”, are hot-hot-hotter on the chick-magnetism scale than 78% of the male population, and The City can confirm this is the case too. Once while standing within shouting distance of the Deputy Premier, I too could sense the aura, the animal magnetism, as thousands of ladies crowded in. Crying, screaming, trying to touch him, tearing at his Bourke St. bought Del-Monti.

Its like Beatlemania, and I seriously contemplated giving up my work here at The City and becoming a roadie with their outfit, just to experience THE LIFE, and to assist those attractive young ladies, who don’t quite make it to the inner circle, in understanding the thoughts and ideals that motivate their idols.

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Good on The Herald Sun. It knows what the people need in these tough times of refugee revisionism and global warming worries. It needs a story to warm the loins of the women of Melbourne, and bring out the gladiator in their men-folk, and it has delivered today in spades.

We look forward to more of The Herald Sun’s special brand of relevance, and wonder why aren’t the ABC doing this sort of thing? Is Andrew Bolt the best they’ve got? Surely our 8 cents a day can be spent on better talent than him. They should at least ask him to get his teeth fixed.

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