Thursday, June 30, 2005


Flushing for Freedom

After only a few centuries of experience with the benefits of personal hygene, Londoners are being told by their Mayor Ken Livingston to revert to their old ways in order to save water in that dry and parched land.

He is advising Londoners not to flush the dunny. Well at least not for number ones.

"Don't flush the loo if you have only had a pee", says Ken.

And what about number twos you may ask. Well for the time being "Red Ken" Livingston is holding off passing an edict to ban dunny flushing altogether.

What other restrictions on personal freedom does THE LEFT have in mind for the traumatized victims of the NAZI BLITZ? Will the horror never end?

Meanwhile egotistical self-aggrandising superstars like Bob Geldoff and Bono, organise monumental gatherings to celebrate their own rampant egos, ostentibly on behalf of Africans, who it is well known have learned to live without water, while their own countryfolk must succumb to the brutal state-control of Red Ken, and his hatred of freedom.

Let's hope the silent majority have the courage to openly defy Red Ken. Let's hope that Londoners will flush for freedom.

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