Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Counterintuitive Claptrap

In the wake of the success of Everything bad is good for you, (or why dumb pop culture makes you smarter) by Stephen Johnson, and Are you dumb enough to be rich?, and The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the many are smarter than the few , City Publishers is releasing a series of new books in our Counterintuitive Series:

How to eat like a pig, and still fit into your wedding dress.

Fight fat by giving into your cravings.

Why outsourcing created unemployment is good for the economy

How to still achieve your goals after you die.

The rich mans burden – and why they’re doing you a favour keeping you poor.

The British gourmet cookbook

Compassionate Conservatism Vol. 2

City Publishers is looking for media savvy, TV friendly authors and academics willing to place their reputations on the line for a quick buck. Call now. Interviews commence next Monday.

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