Friday, June 10, 2005


Blair sheds a sneer for Sheik

Today Tim Blair sniffed and wiped the sneer from his eye, as he heard the news that Sheikh Taj El-Din Al-Hilaly had left Iraq, and was not successful in obtaining the freedom of Douglas Wood.

Here’s how Mr. Blair announced the news to his fans:


Sheikh al-Hilali’s rescue mission—during which the Sheikh’s spokesmen and supporters announced several “breakthroughs” and even the anticipated release of Douglas Wood—is over

So. What’s with the “scare quotes” do you think? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret. They’re not scare quotes. They’re sneer quotes. Mr. Blair it appears is not entirely unhappy that the Sheik has failed in his objective. That the Sheik has failed to release Mr. Wood.

Don’t get me wrong. Blair would like to see Douglas Wood free. Of course he would. But he would prefer that Wood fought his way out alone.

Wood is 63 years old. These “insurgents” are real tough guys, aren’t they? I bet Wood could take all of them if he wasn’t tied up.

The Sheik though - that’s another matter. Blair has had it in for the Sheik all along.

Less worthy are comments from Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, described as the “spiritual leader of Australian Muslims”, who is on his way to Iraq to rescue Douglas Wood—and to score vile and opportunistic political points in the process
And mocked his attempts at every turn

Thanks to Sheikh Al Hilaly’s mad negotiating skillz, conditions for Wood’s release have blown out from an original 1,400 Australians to the entire 177,000-strong coalition force—plus release of all female prisoners. Well done, Sheikh! You are helping!

So Tim. I hope you’re satisfied. He's unable to demonstrate that he has influence. His attempt at propaganda - convincing Australians that Muslims might be okay - is no more. Happy now?

Now what was your plan again?

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