Saturday, May 21, 2005


Where's the waste go?

A post on Mr. Tim "Fusspot" Blair's website seems in its dilligence to insert the word Nuke, to have forgotten to insert the accompanying slightly important question. Let's redress it shall we?

An item in the Sydney Morning Herald seems to lack a key word. Let’s redress this:

It will be almost impossible to offset the increase in greenhouse gas emissions from new power stations planned by the State Government, green groups say.

nukenukenuke - But where does the waste go?

The Government appears to have paved the way for building more coal-fired power stations, according to a draft of its white paper, obtained by the Herald.

nuke - But where does the waste go?

However, measures under its Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme will not compensate for the extra carbon dioxide emissions that will be created if forecasts for growth in energy demand are met by polluting technologies such as coal, said Jane Castle, resource conservation campaigner with the Total Environment Centre.

nukeynukenukeness! - But where does the waste go?

"There’s no hiding the fact they are promoting a gigantic increase in emissions. It’s time for Bob Carr to put down his green crusader label and admit he has been done over by the dirty, greedy power industry."

nukenuke ... NUKENUKENUKE! - But where does the waste go?

The white paper draft reveals how the Government plans to tackle NSW’s growing demand for electricity.

nuke? - But where does the waste go?

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