Monday, May 02, 2005


Where’s the Family Impact Statement?

News today that the Federal Government is not going to back down on its proposed cuts to IVF demonstrates an astonishing coldness and arrogance. The crude political calculation and insensitivity is manifest in the belief that

after taking a beating over the matter, it would be counter-productive to back off now

This was confirmed this morning by the Prime Minsister on Radio National this morning where he says that "the decision is not being made on the basis of cost saving

Of course not Mr. Howard, It’s an ideological decision, that is rightly condemned in today’s Herald Sun, which we remind the Prime Minister, is Australia’s most popular newspaper, and not something to be taken lightly.

We also remind the Prime Minister of his, and his Minster Kay Patterson’s promise to have Family Impact Statement’s on every cabinet submission.

We’d like to see the Family Impact Statement pertaining to this decision Prime Minister. We’d like to see the following explained in this statement.

We’ll be writing to the Prime Minster and , Senator Kay Patterson and asking them to release the Family Impact Statement pertaining to this. We’ll also be writing to senator elect Steve Fielding from Family First and asking him his opinion on this matter, and why he has not also demanded to see the Family impact statement that his organization was so successful in having the government adopt.

We urge you to consider writing too.

Update: We've recieved a response from Senator Pattersons office, which says simply that our email has been forwarded to Hon Tony Abbott for a response. We don't know whether that means that Senator Patterson is one of the Liberal women who is unhappy about this and is wanting to let Mr. Abbott know, or if she somehow feels that its not her area of concern. We certainly hope it's not the latter as that would mean she was not taking her Family Impact Statement responsibilities seriously.

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