Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Opinion and Balance Shock Horror

Melbourne was shocked today to discover that not just their's, but Australia's favorite newspaper The Herald Sun, has modified its online presence so that its cavalcade of stars, well its binary star, consisting of Terry McCrann and Andrew Bolt, has been given its own little halo of minor stars. All now twinking happily alongside the great and mighty ones under the OPINION banner on the left hand side.

And just so we don't miss them, this constellation is given the appelation "new". Perhaps they've been newly created out of cosmic dust, or from the remnants of a super nova, but the only giant star explosions that we were aware of were happening over at Nine.

Anyway, we're delighted to see these new folk on board, it'll keep the the big boys on their toes, knowing that there is now so many pretenders to the throne.

How the hapless burghers of Melbourne will cope with this gigantic upheaval in the firmament is anybody's guess though. They were just getting used to digesting Mr. Bolts and Mr. McCrann's astringent medicine when suddenly they're being asked to find room for other powerful purgatives.

Nothing concentrates the mind like having no choice, and now I fear that my poor Melbourne brethren are being given too much to ponder all at once. It'll be confusing times for us folks down here in Melbourne, and we'll just have to ask for the forebearance of our interstate friends while we muddle on through.

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