Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Its a Topsy Turvy World

Extreme Right Wing celebrity blogger and rumoured journalist Mr. Tim "Fusspot" Blair, whose well known antipathy to the ABC, and more particularly that taxpayers money is used to support it, has led him to innumerable stoushes, has decided to cast his nitpicky gaze farther afield.

Mr. Blair, who has in the past been known to champion Fox News' right to make stuff up because it's their money, now seems to be concerned that Black Inc. publishers of The Monthly are paying people to write things for them.

Firth has just earned $105 for reprinting a menu. The piece continues for another two grand or so.

Is Mr. Blair proposing an alternative economic arrangement we ask? Perhaps a collective where the work and the income is equally shared?

Is this what happens at the extreme far edge of the political universe : Space and Time becomes so warped that extreme Right melds into extreme Left?

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