Friday, May 27, 2005



The Schapelle Corby drama reached its logical conclusion today with a 20 year sentence handed down to the Gold Coast girl.

What did we expect - some sort of caving in by these hard nosed Indonesian judges to the force of Australian public opinion? That they could be shamed into letting her go by accusing their country of corruption and nepotism? Yeah right.

Shapelle got exactly what we all should have expected her to get. We'd all hate to be in that position, and I'm certainly sympathetic to her plight, but I have no way of judging her guilt or innocence, and neither does anyone else in this country. If she really was guilty then she was stupid. If she was innocent then its terrible, but only a very few handful of people in the world know the actual truth, and for various reasons they're not talking.

So its up to the Indonesian courts, which it has to be - we can't expect otherwise, and they've made their call.

The PM says we must accept the verdict, and he's bloody well right on that point. But you just watch how this gets mangled into some stupid left verses right debate, how Corby becomes the object of another round of pointless pointscoring in the 'sphere.

Update: Andrew Landeryou - Ex-ALP right winger, champion of the underdog, and now apparently frenzied whipper of the horse team pulling the Corby bandwagon is saying we should invade Indonesia.

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