Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The good news from Iraq

I love media watch. I wring my hands with glee as the opening title sequence unfolds and bounce up and down on the sofa, giggling in anticipation of the little gems they will present us.

Oh and wasn’t it a beauty last night? Janet “Ban it” Albrechtson has elevated snotty nosed right wing yoof league trainee, Arthur Crenkoff to a Pulitzer level of authority by crowning him with the mantle of Wall Street Journal Iraqi Expert, and giving his GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ propaganda site a mighty plug, which you’ll notice that Arthur is milking for all its worth if you pop over there now.

Tim Dunlop points out that “Janet–Ban it” and Snotty Arthur haven’t got their story straight though, and you’d think, Janet being a lawyer and all, that she’d at least have the smarts to concoct a decent alibi beforehand.

Anyway we do understand where Snotty Arthur is coming from with his Good News From Iraq concept, after all, they and we, need all the good news we can get right now, so we though we’d offer Mr. Crenkoff some good news. And we're more than happy for him to pop on over here and collect it and tack onto the bottom of his blog for all to share.

Good News from Iraq.

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It's actually DR Chrenkoff. (Law).

MediaWatch should expand to encompass a blog for input. With you lot nitpoking about it'd fill a damn entertaining half hour at a price even Aunty could afford! Call it "Good News Week" and blame Janet for the lift?

Rex, could Albrechtson possibly damage MediaWatch? This has great potential for catfightiness.
Hey Hip, Nah, Albrectson's a pussy. The only danger to Media Watch is more budget cuts at the ABC and more spurious attacks from the Government itself.

Thank goodness that Alston is gone. He was a danger. I don't think 'The Cooze' has got it in her to follow his lead.
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