Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The Feel Chair

The City, as you know, is a champion of progress, but we also appreciate the good things that have gone before, like when Wild Strawberry Ice-creams cost 15 cents, and indeed when there was such a thing as a Wild Strawberry Ice-creams. That, in case you had the misfortune to miss it, was back in the 70s. The era that gave us Glam Rock, Hairy Chests and Hot Pants. When high-heels for blokes were de-rigour, and when every home in Australia was required, in order to avoid ostracism, to acquire a bean bag.

A 70s Bean Bag Posted by Hello

Only two types of people really wanted these things: Swinging, hip fellas looking to kit out their bachelor pad in the most seductive suggestive style, and Kids, who imagined these things to be a bit like a trampoline, which they were until the seams split and the polystyrene beads spilled everywhere.

Such a disaster generally required both repairs to the seam and the purchase of a second, fuller, bean bag and some rewriting of the house rules.

Beanbags had their day in the sun and then disappeared. Mostly this was because the cat pissed in them, and individually fumigating each and every bead was a chore too overwhelming for even the most fervent admirer of the 70s style.

Today though, the 21st century is able to bring you the inheritor of the bean bag tradition. Promising all the flexibility of the original bean bag, the mouldable shape that fits your body, supporting your own natural curves -but with added 21st century impracticality - Insisting on imparting every last vestige of comfort to your form even as you struggle to get out.

The Feel Chair Posted by Hello

The Feel Chair from Anima Causa will keep you entertained for days as you try to figure out how to use it, and then days more after that as you ponder why you bought it at all, and for only $5100 that’s cheap entertainment.

The Feel Chair – Coming to a museum near you.

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