Monday, May 30, 2005


Dinnertime - Somewhere in Melbourne

Meg: Oh, did you see the News about Schappelle Corby. Twenny years she’s got. Twenny years can ya believe that?

Dave: Unbe-f..kin-believable!

Barry: Yeah. I seen that show on Michelle Corby on Channel Nine the other night. Everyone voted , and they all reckon she’s innocent.

Meg: Its Schapelle, Barry.. and yes, we saw it too. They say you can tell she’s innocent by looking into her eyes.

Barry: Those Indonesians. They are such corrupt bastards. There’s gonna be a boycott y’know. Everyone’s gonna stop going to Bali, and buying Indonesian stuff. That’ll teach that bastards.

Dave: Yeah. Me and Meg we’re gonna go to Bali this year but now we’re gonna go to Vietnam.

Barry: And what about little Johnny Howard hey. Mr. Tough on Terror. Where is he now?. He’s cavin’ in to the bloody Indos. They’re all terrorists the Indos and little Johnny’s stickin’ up for the bastards, and I voted for the prick and all.

Dave: They should bloody send in the SAS.

Barry: Too right! They should invade the joint. Install our own judges instead of that corrupt bunch of scum.

Dave: They should’ve sent some F-111s on a strike run to Jakarta last night. They’re just pansies our government.

Barry: They should just Nuke the place and be done with it. Turn it into a glass carpark.

Meg: We don’t have nuclear weapons Barry.

Barry: Bullshit Meg. Of course we do. How do you think we beat the Russians? Stopped them invading us and all.

Dave: That’s the Americans Barry. The Americans do have nukes, but we don’t

Barry: Well the Americans then. Why don’t we just ask the Americans to nuke ‘em for us. Don’t they owe us one anyhow?

Meg: Why don’t you do something about it Barry. You’re a good talker and all. Why don’t you call up the government and give ‘em hell.

Dave: Yeah Barry. Even better, why don’t you ring into 3AW and tell Neil Mitchell – then he can tell little Johnny personally to invade the joint.

Barry: I would but they’d have to pay me for it. I’m not just gonna give the Government all my ideas for free y’know. We’re paying them good money to run this bloody country the way we want and if they don’t invade another country when the people want them to then they don’t get my vote next time.

Dave: But Beasley’s caved in already himself – He’s chickened out as well.

Barry: Yeah I heard. The fat bastard’s caved as well. What can you do?

Dave: Yeah what can you do?

Meg: Yeah shockin’……..…… Are you watchin’ the new Big Brother Barry?

Barry: Yeah, Gawd it’s a hoot. I wouldn’t mind been on that show. I reckon I know how to play that game.

Meg: My sister’s applied to be on it.

Barry: Yeah, which one, the sexy blonde one? Is she gonna shower in the nuddy?

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