Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Corruption comes cheap in the ALP

From all accounts the big ALP stoush this weekend is hotting up. Leader of the Left, Senator Kim Carr who’s nose is out of joint because his faction has lost control in the Victorian ALP has issued a call to arms to his tribe to crash the big stack party being held this weekend.

Mr. Carr asserts that of the parties 14,400 members “71 per cent of the Victorian members… claim to earn less than $32,000 per annum”, and in some electrorates “95 per cent earn less than $32,000 per annum”

Why us that significant you may ask?

It’s all about the cost of keeping fraudulent members on the books. You can see from the ALP’s on-line renewal form that the bottom two tiers of membership are $30 per year and $45 dollars per year. The filthy stack merchants, who corruptly load up branches with illegitimate members want to do it as cheap as possible naturally, and so they bung these fake members into the lowest two tiers.

If you consider that possibly half of the membership is stacked in this way, and this is confirmed by statements a few months back by Eric Dearricott, who said that about 8000 of the party's members were stacked, we can make a few calculations.

Average cost of stacking a single member = (30 + 45) / 2 = $37.5

Alleged number of stacked members = 8000

Cost of stacking, and controlling total party = 8000 * $37.5 = $300,000

That’s all! $300,000 per year and you can own a political party!

Fantastic, where do I sign?

Update: Andrew Landeryou, who's blog we summarised and critiqued just yesterday, lets rip with 'The Ugly Truth" about the ALP and Branch stacking.

Update2: It seems from a reading of Mr. Landeryou's posts, that the stories being told by The Age is only half right. That there's a second side to the story here relating to control of the Union voting block. In the ALP, the Unions are given 50% of the vote, and the regular Members 50%. So we conclude if Mr. Landeryou is right, that there's just as much manipulation going on with the Union block of votes, which it seems are controlled by THE LEFT as The Age tells us there is in the Membership block, which we can only assume is controlled by THE RIGHT. It gets murkier and more filthy by the minute.

We hope Mr. Landeryou reveals more on this startling new development.

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