Thursday, May 19, 2005


Change afoot in Stack City?

The streets of Melbourne are buzzing this morning with the news that Premier Bracks has finally stepped down from his dais, to intercede in the branch stacking maelstrom that is threatening to engulf his party and himself.

It has been been self-preservation that has distanced Mr. Bracks from the storm brewing, but now it is self-preservation that is forcing Mr. Bracks' hand and requiring that he step in to fix the problem.

The ALP's entire inner workings need to be laid out on the bench, and the old worn out redundant machinery replaced by a brand spanking new Aussie built engine.

Lets hope Mr. Bracks has the courage to take the fight up to BOTH the right and the left, for it will be an ugly time indeed in Stack City as they fight to maintain the lid on their most embarrassing secret. Rampant corruption.

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