Tuesday, May 03, 2005


The Case for Torture

Case 1: David Broadbent, Political reporter for Channel Nine and the Age. Obtained the full budget in a serious breach of security. Won’t reveal sources.

Torture Recommended?: Yes

Method: Thumbscrews

Case 2: Channel Nine’s A Current Affair. Filthy chequebook journalism likely to damage the case of the Bali Nine and all for a shoddy ratings grab.

Torture Recommended?: Yes

Method: The Pillory

Case 3: Herald Sun Journalist and Murdoch Patsy Terry McCrann for receiving $300K pa for writing fearless columns like yesterday’s gutless savaging of Rivkin after the man has died which includes some of the most appalling writing I’ve seen for $300K per year including this sequence:

Rivkin arrived at son James's 21st birthday party in a helicopter.
Rivkin always claimed it was for the "intellectual" challenge, not for the money.
But his behaviour almost defined the word "amoral".
He really did have no sense of right or wrong.

Huh?… Is it an intellectual challenge to ride in a helicopter or is it just amoral?

Torture Recommended?: Yes

Method: The Heretic Fork

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Superceded Blogger based Comments below:
I think the members of the Bali Nine should be shot for taking Channel Nine's money.
That's another way of looking at it. Although since it is actually the parents who have done the deals and sold their stupid kids down the toilet, for what? Their fiteen minutes of fame. Then I think they ought also be condemned.
We could get all biblical then and have their kids shot.
Some of the parents might have needed the money to get over there, but the amounts they took were tiny. Surely, they should been asking five figures, not four. That kind of money might have help with lawyers and stuff.
Rex good torture methods but one forgotten. Hansard on a never ending loop.
Top idea anon.

You're right! Why go medieval when you can go post modern? There must be a whole dungeon full of completely up to date torture methods out there. Any other suggestions?
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