Monday, April 18, 2005


Ordinary Melbournians #2

Today The City brings you the second instalment in our incredibly popular series featuring the ordinary people of Melbourne. The people who go about their daily business, who ask for no special attention, and mostly don’t receive it, but still keep soldiering on. Doing their bit to keep the cogs engaged and the wheels ticking over in this fabulous city. This is a column devoted to these, the unacknowledged heroes and heroines of Melbourne.

Introducing Tilly Gilltrap

Tilly Gilltrap Posted by Hello

What do you do for a living Tilly?:

“I’m a lawyer for a prestigious Melbourne corporate law firm.”

Impressive. Doing your Articles? :

“No much more important than that.”

Yes? Pray tell!:

You know on the TV news, when there’s a big case featuring a high profile businessmen, and you see the businessman’s team of distinguished grey haired layers. QCs, Case Manager, and so on following him into court.


Well there’s always a gorgeous young twenty something woman in the frame, wearing heels and an LBD and clutching a bunch of important looking files to her bosom. …..….That’s my job.

Fantastic. What do you do in your free time Tilly?:

I mix in the right social circles.

So you sleep around?:

I call it Networking.

And your okay with the skimpy underwear shots designed to improve our circulation?:

Yeah Sure. I’m hoping this exposure will get me noticed by one of the quality tabloids. That’ll boost my profile in corporate law, and I should then have my pick of any of the senior partners in the big five. After that maybe a column for the Australian, and then, who knows. The board of the ABC?

So ladies and gentlemen. A lovely girl, with a difficult job. But as you can see the drive and the determination so see it done properly. It’s people like Tilly that we take our hats off to, and celebrate their mighty contribution that makes Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

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It's times like this I wish that I was CEO of a company dumping arsenic into the river. That we she could represent me.
I think we shouldn't set our sights so high. I'm sticking with sandwiches.
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