Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Ordinary Melbournians #1

As part of The City’s ongoing celebration of the culture of Melbourne, we’ve started a regular feature that introduces the people that make up this fabulous city. We want to give you, dear reader, a chance to get to know what makes Melbourne tick. What the people are thinking. Feel the pulse.

This isn’t about politicians. It isn’t about power or celebrity. It’s about the average Joe, or Jodie. Someone that we at The City feel just isn’t given enough attention. Not enough acknowledgment of the humble but important role that they play in the affairs of this, the world’s most liveable city.

Introducing Lisa Spiggot

Lisa Spiggot Posted by Hello

What do you do Lisa?: “I’ve got a boring job. I make sandwiches at a deli in the city. I used to want to be a Air Hostess, but when I applied at Ansett a few years back, they weren’t interested. I tried calling them again just last week, but I couldn’t even find their number in the phone book. I think they changed it so that I wouldn’t hassle them again”

Where do you live?: “ I live at home with Mum in Montmorency. She’s got shockin’ arthritis, but she’s a real trooper. I take her to bingo at the Church every Friday.

What do you do in your free time?: “I watch TV. I love shows like the X-Factor and Big Brother and Daryl Somers' new show.

Do you have a message for our leaders?: “No Not really”

Do you mind dressing in skimpy underwear in order to increase circulation of The City?: “ I thought you said I had to”

No but we strongly implied it: “Oh”

So there you have it dear readers. The first in our regular series on the lives of ordinary Melbournians. Their views, their passions, their fascinating stories.

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Superceded Blogger based Comments below:
Seeing her is enough to make an expat want to come home. Holy hell.

Also, what the hell is Daryl Somers doing with a new show?
Peemil my poor Korean entrapped mate, she's just an average girl, working at a sandwhich bar. They all look like that here now since we've had those reality TV makeover shows.

Daryl's got a new show called 'Dirty Dazza does the Salsa' or something. Its a dance show. We're all getting into dancing now. Its the new 'getting drunk and throwing up'.

I think you'd better get the hell on back here.
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