Saturday, April 30, 2005


Hip City

You know doubt hear a lot about how utterly hip this magnificent metropolis of Melbourne is, and if it not from me, then from your friends and indeed anyone who simply sets foot in the state.

Just one small example of the crazy far-out culture that we have in this vibrant village is the new construction taking place on the Western end of the city. The world’s biggest and most expensive skate park is appearing before our eyes. Looking like a collection of moguls from a black diamond run after a week without grooming, or a set of standing waves in a high-school physics experiment. This fantastic construction also doubles at a rain diversion device for the passenger embarkation area of Spencer St Railway station. Read about it here and even watch a time lapse film of its assembly.

Melbourne's Giant Skate Park Posted by Hello

But this is not just about the architecture. This is also about the music. The devotion of a handful of enthusiasts, who have spent their lives collecting and assembling the rarest of 45s and other vinyl, and who each week bring we Melbournians, and those of you with decent computer speakers, and a fast connection, the finest in soul, funk, jazz groove, latin and movie themes from the 60s and the 70s.

PBS FM is the place where they come together to spin their obsessions and spin you out with the sheer volume of fantastic, rarely heard time-capsules from Motown, Chicago, Muscle Shoals and Hollywood’s sound stages. The music is the music of America. The America we love. From an innocent but inspiring America, before Michael Jackson and George Bush, and all with NO ADS (almost), but it is collected, restored and re-transmitted right here in Melbourne, and now, it is in Melbourne where you can find some of the best of America.

Look up the following programs in the Program Guide and listen for yourself. Figure out when they play in your local time by using this, or just listen in now. You might get some hardcore or thrash, nothing’s perfect, but hang in there. You will be rewarded.

My Favourites
Soulgroove 66
Soul Time
Beat Orgy
The Gospel Show
Muscle Souls
Malt Shop Hop
Blue Juice
Now Dig This

Last week I heard the themes from Shaft, (and other Blaxploitation music) Ironside; Streets of San Francisco; The Sweeny; The New Saint; and Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin doing George of the Jungle to the tune of Whole Lotta Love with the intro riff of Black Dog as the lead break. All on one show, and I can’t remember which one. A magical moment, and they just keep on coming.

This has been a community service announcement on behalf of The City. Written and authorized by Rex.

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First time I saw teh new station I thought to myself, "That would make the best Tony Hawk level..."

-Tony D
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