Thursday, April 28, 2005


Herald Sun HYPEocracy

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder whether The Herald Sun’s main source of information is the inside of their own fascinating little minds.

In the grand tradition of the Big Splash Bracks Bash, that we’ve all grown to know and love, The Herald Sun, Australia’s most popular newspaper, has turned the sensationalist dial up to eleven and has been giving the tub a mighty thumpin’ in the past few days.

WITNESS the editorial of the 26th slamming the Bracks government’s decision to impose a tax on motorists. A Money Grubbing Policy they call it.

OBSERVE the editorial of the 27th accusing the government of stinginess when it comes to pensioners.

MARVEL at the beatup of the 28th where they say that a Labor Party committee has taken the wind from the sails of Wind Power, claiming they’ve got hold of some secret report, which apparently asks the question what the right level of investment in Wind Power should be, but The Herald Sun paints it as being some sort of slap in the face.

I put it to you that there’s a pogrom afoot, that The Herald Sun has determined that Bracks Bashing is the number one priority of all its journalists. That The Heralds Sun journalists are now required to find any angle in their stories, any angle at all that could possibly be beaten up into an Anti-Bracks tirade and give it the FULL Herald Sun treatment.

Of course that doesn’t stop The Herald Sun turning a blind eye when any of these millions supposedly being pillaged from a weak and fearful populace, are spent on their favourite subject: CRIME.

For the State government is going to put THE SQUEEZE on the crime lords with a forty million dollar budget increase.

The crime lords are going to SQUIRM with anxiety at the HI-TECH bugging devices and DOZENS of analysts, and RESEARCH, UPGRADES and IMPROVEMENTS that the Herald Sun BELIEVES might just, maybe, be in the forthcoming budget, but can’t confirm it because Police Minister Tim Holding REFUSES TO DISCUSS DETAILS.

Barely containing their excitement, and their use of capital letters, The Herald Sun completely go to town on this fantastic initiative that’ll cost the taxpayer $40 Million Squid.

Does that mean all is forgiven? Does that mean that they won’t let up on the Bracks bashing, on the assertion that the Motorists and the Pokie Players and the Poor are copping the big budget stick? Hell no! What’s the point in being consistent when there’s newspapers to flog?

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Their not as biased as the Age and the ABC
That would be your opinion right?
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