Friday, April 01, 2005


Half ALP Membership Fake!

Half the ALP membership is fake claimed senior ALP figure Eric Dearricott last night, in the rank and file membership protest that continues to gather steam in Victoria.

About 100 members protested at the ALP HQ in King St last night at the rampant rorting and corruption that is making a mockery of one of Australia's most important political insitutions.

The ALP claim to be upholders of democracy, but this is worse that Zimbabwe where analysts reckon that the rigging is 800,000 out of 5.3 million. A rig factor of 15%, compared to the claimed 50% in the Vic ALP.

Well at least we can be certain that these fake members are not dead. Or can we?

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Superceded Blogger based Comments below:
Would that make the 100 members there a larger percentage of the Rank and file members?
I had someone want to sign me up once but they backed down when they realised that I was interested in playing an actual role.
The controlling faction claims that the protesters were mostly made up of disgruntled members of the underdog factions. But then they would wouldn't they?

Certainly the underdog factions are in there, but my gut feel is that this is a truly rank and file revolt, and so yes, to answer your question, it would in my view.

Now is the best time to join I think, if you want to play a role. All good contrarian investors should invest when the stocks are low, to take advantage of their inevitable rise.

Get in there!
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