Tuesday, April 19, 2005


British announce: We've got the best nosh

The British have awarded themselves world's top restaurant this year.

Called the Fat Duck, this ripper of a noshery serves, get this, sardine on toast sorbet and bacon and egg ice cream.

The Brit's beat Spain (2nd) and the US (3rd) with a restaurant in Sydney called Tetsuya's, which I've never head of coming forth.

Actually I haven't heard of numbers one, two or three either. Maybe I don't get out enough.

Melbourne just sqeaks in at a derisory 33, with the tired and worn out old Flower Drum.

What's happened to all the good restaurant's in town you may ask, and its a good question. There's certainly a whole lot of new resaurants. But on the whole they're bloody awful.

Take the Waterfront for example. One of 3 new hi-tech, chrome plated eateries on the foreshore in the new development near Station Pier. The Waterfront gets a Poor rating from the Age, and word has it that the other two restaurants are amazingly bad as well.

On top of that, this grub-shop has the gall to charge extra for bread, and to hit the diner with a 10% holiday surcharge. Apparently we're going to have to start getting use to this as well, because its starting to catch on.

The really stupid thing is that these restaurants are doing a booming trade. It's their position and their snazzy lines, that just reels the customers in.

So what's happening here? Melbourne resurants are getting worse, and they want to sting us more?

Don't accept it folks. Don't let these show-ponies ruin the good night out that we all expect in Melbourne town.

I'll doing my bit. I'll be staying at home and looking though mum's old recipes. I'm sure I remember bacon and eggs ice cream from the Margaret Fulton cookbook.

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