Sunday, April 24, 2005


Anzac Tribute

Like many this coming Anzac Day morning my thoughts will turn to those barren and windswept hills on the southern tip of the European side of Turkey. The Gallippoli peninsula, where so many brave youthful Aussie kids lie quietly. Silent and still, in their own vomit except for the penetrating snore of that fat bastard whose crashed out with his head jammed between two rocks. The slopes littered with the detritus and debris of an event that they’d all choose to forget if they could remember it anyway. Beer casings littering the hillsides. Blue rip-stop nylon bodybags everywhere, as far as the eye can see. Used frangers dribbling their life giving contents into the sacred soil.

Those old Anzacs must be proud of their progeny. Well probably not their progeny actually ‘cause most probably died before the thought of starting a family even crossed their minds. The progeny then of those that stayed behind, and probably aren’t even related, who have made the trip to the home of Johnny Turk. To spread the word that all is forgiven maaate, and that anyway it was all the fault of the Poms.

As the Anzac legend sets sail from the shores of the reality based community and into the mists of the dreamtime, we can gain comfort from the fact that the Aussie youth of today will remember and celebrate the dawn service at Anzac Cove, by including it on their binge itinery, and that it will soon be up there with other great Aussie milestones of life like being arrested D&D in Schoolies week, being arrested D&D New Years eve, kicked off the Australia to London flight, and doing drugs in Asia.

Thankyou you poor dear departed Anzacs. You fought for our freedom, and now we feel free to do what we bloody well please.

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You know, someone said to me last night, "Happy ANZAC day." I was shocked to say the least.I don't know when it become a hallmark holiday.
Were they Korean? If so then that's a forgivable mistake. If not then you have my permission to snot them.
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Thanks Zoe, I don't even know if this blogger thing has trackback.
Sure I came to remeber the ANZACs, buggered if I can remember last night though.
My old man lives with us - he was in WW2 (3 Squadron). He's long given up trying to explain that 'Lest we forget' comes from Kipling's Recessional and actually is about regret at loss of Empire, not about homage (or glorification, for that matter) to those who lost their lives. He's always had a very ambivalent response to Anzac Day.
It's nearly dinner time, I don't know if I'll tell him about "Happy Anzac Day".
Let's face it with the new V.I.P carpark , at our P.M'S whim, things are bound to improve. What a stuffup!

Will be surprised if ,our Johnny, ever turns up there again. Suspect, if he hasn't been rolled, Canberra will be far more comfy.
i always thought it meant "lest we forget" how horrible it is to go to war
may 7th - jeez you're a slack blogger your Rexship. with so much out there worthy of comment - where are ya?
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