Monday, March 14, 2005


We're Deputy around these here parts!

"Watch out China, 'cause we're the meanest gun-toting hombres around these here badlands, and we won't be toleratin' any of that, what yer call inscrutability from any of you oriental types mind.

Them's the fighting words from Acting Vice Deputy Sherriff Alexander Downer earlier today.

"If America needs to pull together a posse, well then, we stand ready to do our part."

Vice Deputy Sheriff Peter Costello, upon hearing these statements contacted Mr. Downers' office and reminded him that China is our third largest export market and growing.

By midday Acting Vice Deputy Sherrif Downer, had released a clarification.

"We thinkum we likum smokim peace pipe. There be heap big plenty buffalo for everyone. You stayum your side of hill, we stayum our side, and I offer my daughter as sign of frenship, dig?"

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