Wednesday, March 16, 2005


US insult to Aussie troops

It's a spit in the eye of our brave Aussie lads. After the PM's seemingly successful negotiation to allow 450 of our finest democracy defenders to fight terror in the predominately Muslim country of Iraq, it seems that the US doesn't want any more of our boys. They want to keep all the fun for themselves.

A US official, who the Herald Sun, Australia's most popular newspaper has promised not to name, has admitted that it was Britian and Japan that were asked to give the bad news to Prime Minister John Howard that only 450 Aussie troops would be allowed to join in the exitement. And why was that you might ask? Because President Bush couldn't tell Mr Howard directly. To his face. Man to Man!

This very same Herald Sun secret US official, has tried to dampen speculation that Iraq would seek to become a fundamentalist state. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why either. The equation looks pretty simple to us. Fundamentalism = Terror = Plenty of Shoot 'em up action. The Americans it seems are organising a party, and we're not getting an invite!

It's no wonder the PM's trying to hose down discussion of this troop deployment. If Aussies knew the truth, that the Americans are just looking out for number one, and not sharing the spoils, then the PM, who's spent the last few years telling us about his regular little chit-chats with the President, is going to have egg on his face. Well Prime Minister what's it to be: You either own up to being diddled, or you continue to allow our brave boys to be humiliated?

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