Sunday, March 13, 2005


Storm in Vic ALP reaches crisis point

News today that Victorian Premier Bracks has become caught up in the murky dealings of the Victorian ALP. The Premier has been exposed by a member of a branch in Mr. Brack's electorate, a Mr. Dave Davies.

The letter sent in 1994 by Bracks to Davies, virtually admits that Bracks owes his position to a deal with the all powerful Right Faction (The stack merchants) . The Faction made it clear to Bracks. No Deal - No opportunity for you buster! Key negotiator (read manipulator) at the time for this all powerful faction was non other than the infamous Senator Robert Ray. - Kingmaker to the Stars!

Bracks wrote, "I knew from the outset that due to the Labor Unity/Socialist Left deal, I had very little chance of winning preselection and that it would probably go to a candidate from Labor Unity from outside the electorate"

The message to Bracks was - become a 'made-man' or forget it.

In the1994 letter Bracks agrees with Davies that the branch stacking and corruption must be exposed for what it is, but now the Premier refuses to act to stamp out this corruption.

So the question has to be asked. Has Bracks changed his mind about the corruption? Is it all OK now, the evidence says no!. So why Mr. Bracks are you trying to suggest things are fine?

Update : Kirner calls for revolt!

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