Tuesday, March 08, 2005



The Age newspaper continues again today its ongoing campaign to unseat the Victoran Bracks Labor government.

In an shocking expose The Age highlights the amazing cozy deals approved by state Treasurer John Brumby. The deals relate to the Synchrotron project or the 'Stink'rotron and we like to call it hear at the City. Consider these remarkable facts concerning Synchrotron boss Max Rodgers:

Julian Kennelly spokesman for the Union of Unproductive Plodders said, "We reckon for the money they're coughing up for Rodgers, we could have a whole department of people employed to sharpen pencils, we can't stand to see such a waste of public money as this so-called Labor government seems to accept"

Why, we ask, doesn't the Bracks government get serious about the Synchrotron? We suggesst the following:

The possibilities are endless, and unless the Bracks government starts listening to people who know what they're talking about, they're in big trouble.

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