Monday, March 14, 2005


Piss off Warne you Traitor!

That's right Warney. Just bugger off. After all we've done for you mate. Stuck by you through thick and thicker, swung the deal you let you off light for the drugs bust, and now, as Australia's most popular newspaper The Herald Sun says you're "turning your back on Melbourne".

We didn't ask questions when you were caught sending dirty little SMSs.
We didn't say "Oh getting a little hoity-toity now are we?" when you moved into Brighton
We didn't "tut-tut" when you pranced around like a nob on the Cricket pitch.
We believe you when you said your mother thought you looked fat and that the diet pills would be worth a shot, cause the beer diet wasn't working.

And now. You turn your back on us. Melbourne's beaches not good enough eh? Wife want's to loll around on the beach in Spain eh? Future is in England eh?

Well bugger you Warney! And I can tell you that our little mate, Johnny B. Howard is not that chuffed either, and when he gets a whiff of the feeling down here in Bay 13, then you'll wish you were born in Zimbabwe and not our dearly beloved Melbourne!

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