Friday, March 04, 2005


Pirates on the High Seas

It's high seas robbery down there in the Southern Ocean, with six pirate fishing vessels plundering the rapidly depleting stocks of the fabled Patagonian Toothfish, something which I've never had offered to me at the local Fish'n'Chippery, and it's got me all riled up.

It turns out that our brave boys on the strangely named Oceanic Viking (I prefer Southern Sherriff), just have to sit around while these pirates, these poachers of the deep, steal the exquisite and rare Patagonian flesh right off my plate.

It also turns out that our boys are armed and dangerous , and even though these vessels are from rogue nations: Togo and Georgia who haven't signed up to the fishery conventions, our government won't act because it would be breaking the law of the sea- International Law.

Well I say to Senator MacDonald, and John Howard - It's never worried you before! So why start now?

Blast those bastards out of the water. Let them have it. Take them out! C'mon Let's Roll! Show them you're made of sterner stuff! Andrew Bolt does not tolerate this sort of reserved thoughtful behavior and neither do we.

What are you worried about? Togo? -A small corrupt African nation currently engaged in a civil war? Georgia? Well OK that's a little more serious given that they're owned by the Russian Mafia, who are very good friends with Vladimir Putin. But think about it, seriously. If you take out those Georgian flagged vessels and Big Vlad get's in a huff, then you can always call on your mate George, who's having is own issues with Vlad, and who by the way, has got a whole bloody Navy just foating around the ocean doing nothing at the moment. It's time they were given a little bit of practice.

It's time for action Johnny boy, pull the finger out and give us a bit of drama on the high seas!

The dinner tables of Australia demand you act now.

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Let the Patagonians protect their own bloody toothfish. Our navy's not a charity!
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