Monday, March 07, 2005


Kylie seeks Freedom from Frog Shit in Frog Shit

Pop Diva Kylie Minogue, along with her famous bum, is setting up home in an unsewered mosquito infested swamp in Victoria's French Island (Frog Island). French Island is an isolated island in Westernport Bay a small ferry is the only access, and the island has no electical power.

"This is just a ploy" said world famous, multi-millionare, ex-Geelong boy, Liberal party member, papparrazi king, Darren Lyons. "She's a media slut, she's a media harlot, she's a media tart, and she likes it looooooong and hard"

Media watchers speculate that the reason behind the move to the secluded location is to stop the papparazzi from setting up outside broadcast vans with sattelite connection adjacent to the Minogue home, and thus granting Kylie a respite from the 24 hour media circus.

"She's be nothing is it wasn't for us", said Lyons "and now she's going all coy, expecting us to wade through shit to get shots of her arse, which by the way folks is starting to sag, along with her tits. These stuck up princesses like her and Nicole Kidman, deserve everything they get"

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