Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Heralds Sun "hangs" with druggies

Melbournians were shocked today to discover that reporters from The Herald Sun have admitted associating with known druggies in St. Kilda.

"I used to trust the Herald Sun", said long time resident of Collingwood, Mrs Myrtle West. "and now, they're in with 'that' crowd"

Minister for Police Tim Holding was equally as scathing. "Drugs are a problem in this community, especially amongst the youth, and The Herald Sun flagrantly abuses its position in society by glorifying this activity"

Not only glorifying we might add, but publicising the location where eager junkies can do "a deal". In a car park outside a famous nightclub, which we won't name for fear of exacerbating the situation.

The Herald Sun also advertises what drugs are available for purchase, tells you the price, and recommend which "dope" should be avoided. They even hint that security is lax with no searches of people entering the surrounding clubs.

We are astonished that The Herald Sun seeks to put a human and sympathetic face on this blight, by using the druggie's names, instead of the Federal Government's approved numbering system.

Shame on The Herald Sun. Shame. If we can't trust the Herald Sun to define a narrow agenda for us. Who can we trust?

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