Thursday, March 24, 2005


Government Whistleblower Persecuted.

The BIG GOVERNMENT story just gets more damning every day. The Herald Sun, Australia’s most popular newspaper has uncovered the shocking story of brave whistleblower and former mayor of Maroondah Council Mr. Neil Rose.

Mr Rose you see has come out with the most startling and frank allegations about laziness and ineptitude in BIG GOVERNMENT that The City has seen for at least a week.

Mr Rose alleges:

Of course this courageous admission of government wastage and incompetence is not going unpunished. Another arm of Government, the brutal and conniving TAC, is seeking revenge on the hapless Mr. Ross.

The TAC is now attempting to sever Mr. Ross’s financial lifeline. Weekly benefits he receives because of an accident: indeed a series of accidents, including a failed business; being comatose at a nightclub; and a conviction for drunk driving behind the wheel of a police car, have left only one career option open to Mr. Ross, that of Mayor. And now powerful BIG GOVERNMENT wants to take even that away.

We are forever hearing about Skills Shortages, yet we allow vindictive State Government departments to harass qualified individuals to the point where they feel its just not worth going on.

It's time to step in Mr. Howard!

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